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GPS vehicle tracking is gaining recognition as a valuable asset for both large and small businesses. However, each vehicle tracking system is different. Each GPS vehicle tracking system is dependent on peripheral technologies that impact the performance of all GPS fleet management tracking systems.

In today’s market, there are literally hundreds of different GPS vehicle tracking systems to choose from. We have scoured the globe to bring you the best GPS tracking systems available for all types of applications, at competitive rates.

GPS Tracking Software For The Transportation Industry

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GPS Tracking is a Business Solution.

Providing a full range of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions, GPSTrackIt helps thousands of fleet operations everyday improve performance with vehicle tracking.

What GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution is Right For You?

Maybe you wrestle with cumbersome paperwork, timecards, vehicle logbooks, and billing for field services. Did you know you could have constant connectivity to your mobile workforce through your GPS device? You can pass forms, email and data in real-time in order to automate all of these cumbersome tasks using our vehicle tracking system. We have a GPS vehicle tracking system that will do all of this and more!

Internet Based GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

The internet has changed the way we do business, shop and even socialize. Hard copy media, like C.D’s have become the new vinyl records and C.D Rom software is about as cutting edge as floppy disks. Your GPS tracking software should be as mobile as fleet. GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager solution moves with your assets from job site to job site and back to your corporate office again. This is the benefit of Internet based GPS software that supports desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Instantly find your assets in the palm of your hand or run detailed reports for analysis at the office. Either way, vehicle and asset tracking has never been easier to use.

GPSTrackIt Provides Real-Time Safety Alerts, Location Alerts, Usage Alerts, More


How about providing your mobile technicians of your truck fleet, moving vans or cars with navigation, complete with digital mapping and turn-by-turn voice instructions? With the right GPS vehicle tracking system and wireless networks at your command, you’ll have this power, and much, much more…

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In business since 1999, works with clients individually to deploy customized GPS tracking solutions to meet the unique needs of each fleet. To get started, complete the form or call a GPSTrackIt Solutions Specialist today at (866) 320-5810.

How to Choose a Fleet Management System That Will Grow with Your Company

GPS vehicle tracking systems are comprised of various components that affect the cost of ownership, and the functionality of the system. The fleet management system that is right for you is dependent on several factors: What type of asset do you wish to track? Truck Fleet, Moving Vans, Cars, etc? Do you require constant monitoring of your assets and the ability to view location on demand, in real-time? Or, would just a few location updates throughout the day be sufficient?

These are just a few of the questions that help determine the right tracking fleet management system for you.




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Worker Analytics
Analytics + Reporting
Easily run reports to view driver behavior for an individual, a group, or an entire fleet.
Real-time GPS Tracking
Real-Time Tracking
Use GPS Tracking Maps view to see and dispatch drivers in the field with ease.
Instant Alerts With Vehicle Tracking
Scheduled Alerts
Receive alerts for job site arrivals and departures, after hours usage, PTO events, speeding, idling, more.
Vehicle Management
Vehicle Maintenance
Quickly set reminders for fleet vehicles by time, miles or even engine hours. Superior Fleet Tracking Software.
Driver Dispatching using GPS
Driver Dispatching
Support and send directions to preset addresses, landmarks, or even other units.
Mobile GPS Application
Mobile Fleet Tracking
Connect drivers to dispatchers more flexibly with mobile apps and services.